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Student Activities


Park Hill students are exposed to a variety of educational opportunities each year.  Here is a list of some of things you can expect.  Be sure to talk to your child’s teacher to find out more specific details.

  • Park Hill College Club – Many of the classes have selected a university to represent.  During the course of the year, the students will learn about their college and will have the chance to develop school pride by wearing their college colors each Wednesday.

  • Band – A variety of instrumental music options are available to fourth and fifth grade students. 

  • Chorus – We have a fourth and fifth grade chorus available for those students wishing to participate.

  • Student Leadership-Fifth grade students are representing our school as our elected leaders. They will be in charge of running 4th and 5th grade clubs like Safety Club, Recycling Club etc.

  • P.T.A Activities-We have a variety of spirit days, festivals, and special activities that are sponsored by our school sites P.T.A. Please look for fliers that will be sent home with your child.

  • School Dances – Several social dances are made available to the students each year.  Watch for information to be sent home with specific details.

  • Developmental Assets and Character building- Park Hill Elementary promotes the 40 Developmental Assets. Students will be participating in various activities, like assemblies, which will promote asset building and character development.