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Principal's Message


Dear Bison Families, 


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! As your Principal at Park Hill Elementary, I am proud to continue the traditions that have been established to build a legacy of success. Last year, we saw an increase in student attendance, parent involvement, and communication. This was accomplished through our commitment to make school a great place to be! Thank you, families, for supporting our school site with these goals by ensuring students were at school, ready and on time. Thank you for volunteering on our site and in our classrooms. Our team of highly dedicated staff is committed to building relationships with each and every student and their families and are a huge part of the success of our positive school culture. Just as the majestic Bison is strong and proud, I too, am strong and proud to lead our school towards many future successes.


At Park Hill Elementary, we believe all students can learn at high levels. We aim to provide all students with educational experiences that prepare them for college and career readiness and a lifelong love for learning. This is done by making a commitment to form a strong partnership with you, our strong and proud Bison families, in achieving our priorities. 

We believe in providing: 


  • High quality effective instruction
  • Data driven results
  • Positive culture and climate 
  • Family-friendly school


As your principal, it is important to me that everyone feels welcomed from the first moment they step through our doors. A positive and kind attitude ensures that we continue with the best school climate for all, including our little Bisons. 

We want to create a place where students are excited to come to school because they feel loved and cared for by all adults. We dedicate time to build relationships with students, staff, Bison families, and community members. We can continue this work by providing opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in school activities where feedback is valued and the home to school connection is visible. Student success is achieved by being at school everyday, arriving on time, and by following the Bison R.O.C.K.S values that have been established:


Respect for others, 

On track for higher knowledge, 

Citizenship for success, 

Kindness for all

Safety always first


Our goal this year is to support all students, staff, and the Park Hill community to make school a great and safe place to be. If you have any questions, please call our office. Our friendly staff will ensure that your questions are answered and that you are supported.

Please join us throughout the year to provide us with your input and feedback as it is critical to Park Hill Elementary’s success. 


Stomp, Stomp! Snort, Snort! Go Bisons!




Amy Rose 

Interim Principal