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Summer Camp 2022

It's time for Summer Camp!!! If you'd like your child to participate in enrichment activities at Park Hill this summer enroll them into one or both summer camp sessions using the QR code or click on "Read full Story". If you need help filling out the form, please let us know and we would be happy to help. Don't miss out on this fun and engaging opportunity.

El futuro pertenece a tu hijo

No sabemos cuáles serán los empleos del mañana, pero sí sabemos que nuestro futuro depende de una fuerza laboral fuerte - y las escuelas de hoy debemos preparar a nuestros niños a ser parte de ella.

The Future Belongs to Your Child

We don’t know what the jobs of tomorrow will be, but we do know our future depends on a strong workforce - and today’s schools must prepare our kids to be part of it.

FREE! Family Engagement Webinar

This 12 week course is intended to help parents support their students' learning. Parents will be shown tools and strategies that they can use at home to support students through distance learning. CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

SPED Chats for Park Hill Families

These chats are run by Park Hill's Mrs. Guminiak, and they are aimed at supporting parents of students with IEPs. Click the LINK above for more information!
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